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          G4G Revivalist Tours


                                                                                Page Contents:

      I. Who We Are   II.   How To Join    III. Current Tours  VI.  Things to consider                

                                      bringing   V. Questions & Comments

I. WHo We Are

We are a transient collective that travel together to regenerative-living farms, intentional communities, gatherings, festivals, and other places that are being the change we wish to see in the world in efforts to learn, grow, and be of service to them and each other. We help individuals, families, and communities with sustainable education and projects. We help and support people of all ethnic and social backgrounds such as the houseless, lbgt community, those ostracized by classism, racism, sexism, & disease and more. We help protect our water. We spend time in nature. We nurture our minds, bodies, & souls with holistic medicine. We learn how to live harmoniously with the Earth.  We make art and music to share with others. We learn how to live a life together with less dependency on material items and create something positive out of the waste we create from what we consume. We are creators of our destinies. We build bridges with species from all walks of life.  We produce what we can with the resources around us. We help each other grow so that we can help others do the same. The tours are a hands-on regenerative educational experience that benefit all who participate and strive to live sustainably and also those that bear witness to the nature of our ways.

II. How To Join

Our tours are open to anyone and everyone that resonate with what we do and wish to accomplish. Whether you are just starting out or have been at it for years, we welcome & encourage you to join us!

First, you need to become a Network member if you are not already one. You can do 

this by visiting our G4G Revivalist Network page.

After you become a member you will see more options to further illuminate what 

is going on this summer and how you can get involved, 

  1. III. Current Tours  

   2018   I  AS  ONE  TOUR

                June- September


  WELCOME To the Tour! We are focused on regenerating ourselves. Together we explore sustainable ways to create a healthier community. Here are some places                                        you might catch us this summer!   




                                The Schedule


                                       *Updated June 9th 2018 


Gathering Space        Month:   June          
Firefly Gathering    (N.C.)                          
Project Earth         (MN)                          
Unifier                   (MA)                        

Gathering Space:        Month:   July 

Rainbow Gathering

Gathering Space          Month: August

Joy Of Permaculture (Bahamas)    

Gathering Space          Month: September

Aloha Fest (HI)

VI. Things to consider bringing

We will be primitive camping predominately so the following are helpful suggestions of items you might benefit from bringing:

-A tent or hammock with tarp

-A sleeping bag & pillow

-Hygiene products if desired (natural please)

-1 travel bag for clothes, swimwear, towel etc. 

-Yoga mat if desired. We will find soft places to practice in the grass etc.

-Your Bliss (eating ware) We recommend your bliss be light-weight. A knife, spoon, & fork camping set work well along with a collapsable bowl. We also make bowls out of recycled materials such as a gallon water bottle or coconut shell. Many options.

(Bring comfortable attire for hiking, yoga, swimming, gardening, warm days and cool nights)



VIII.  Questions & Comments

If your curious about what these potential horizons hold for you, don’t hesitate to 

contact us to reserve your spot, or just ask questions! 

We are ecstatic to share these experiences with you!

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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