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When you donate to Grateful 4 Grace you are helping to fund more of the change 

you wish to see in our communities. You are voting for a balanced earth. A place 

that nurtures the 7th generation. We at Grateful 4 Grace are deeply in gratitude 

to those that have helped us and continue to do so. Every contribution helps 

build our better today.

Ways you can give

Whether it is weekly, monthly, yearly, scheduled or not, ever love donation makes a difference in so many ways. 

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We are funded by people like you:

Captain Amazing  (T.M)

Elaine Walker

Charlie Moran

Daniel King

Dalicia Luna

Glenda Schoen

David Stotts

Donna Noel

Terry Brown

Mark Lim

Tyler Garceau

Jody Grace

Jason Anderson

Lee Brown

Wess Clan

Dagny Monette

Sam Smith

Jodi Grace

Jami Marsh

Noisy Goose

Clara Price

Laura Beth

Kit O’ Connell

Rachel Temple

Liz Taylor

Isabel Crabtree

Jennifer Marrs

Amelia Holcomb

Jeannie Creekmore

Ann Frost

Dan Harvey

Manda Carol

Kelsey Starr

Ricky Ware

Wendy Woodall

Leah Lubin

Lindsay Nollsch


Lionhawk Starr

Christine Schaefer

Cyrstal Sypniewski

Robert Khan

Angela Carrillo

Michael Nelson

Sara Parish

Beach Strings

Crystal Mierow

Wesley Hartshorn

Shari Wilkinson

Bryan Palmer

Jonny Dread

Alana Karma

Michael Cardin

Amy A. Hensen

Megan Serafine

Businesses such as:

Solar Ray

(Orlando. FL)

The Fertile Underground


Home Depot


Northern Tool

Terra Health & Wellness Market  (KC, MS)

Sprouts Farmers Market (Orem, UT) 


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