Gather. Grow. Produce. Play 

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Grateful 4 Grace is a living organism consisting of four fundamental building blocks: Gathering, growing, producing, & playing. 

The organization is committed to aiding mindful humans that seek to help individuals, communities, organizations, farms, & gatherings nurture these four building blocks.

As an organization we support clean water, renewable energy, permaculture, holistic healing for the mind, body, & soul, low-impact living and building, upcycling, art, music, authentic-living, equality, & autonomy.

It is our goal to build a mindful bridge towards the things we support, ultimately, our mother earth and all her children. One of the ways in which we accomplish this is on our G4G Revivalist Tour.

                           Meet The Directors

                                                 Leah Bethany Gage

                                             Pieces of Peace Director


                                                      Dana Leska

                                              Director of Integration

Born in 1989, her journey really began when she started traveling outside her comfort zone and across the US with Grateful 4 Grace in 2016. Since then,  she has dedicated her life to community building of all kinds. Community provided support and the love she needed to allow herself to start her healing journey into her best self! She is a student, a vegan chef, a natural builder, an artist, a teacher,  a gardener and a protector of this home and other beings co-habitating this rock. She now helps operate a Grateful 4 Grace project called Roots Up, which empowers individuals through community building to take back their lives from their addictions utilizing sustainable Earth practices, community service projects and unconditional love to facilitate healing for themselves and our Earth.

                                              Kik Nardin
                                         Executive Director/ Founder

     There is great personal meaning behind a story that began for me in 2012 when grace (interestingly enough) brought me to Grace. If you have a moment, I would like to share a part of my journey that inspired a deep desire to make a change within myself, and in due course, create a platform in which I and others alike could gather, grow, produce, & play.

     I set off on a journey from my hometown of Rhode Island, with nothing but my canine companion Gomer, ten dollars, & a quarter tank of gasoline. I had a loose idea of where I was headed, a trip to Mexico to attend an international Rainbow Gathering being my goal, but an even looser idea of how I would get there without having money, but my heart was filled with faith that all the unknown pieces would fall into place. 

     I journeyed over 3,000 miles. Gas stations, my main source of income, as I provided a quick trade to obtain gasoline for the jeep, food for Gomer and I (to supplement what we couldn't find in a dumpster), sharing my journey and aspirations of changing the world and my passion for nutrition and holistic medicine. In exchange we received anything from a gallon of gas to an entire tank. I was surprised sometimes, how fast someone would be willing to help me out, a perfect stranger, without a job, and the appearance of a dirty hippy. I was grateful none-the-less.

     But nothing moved me more than meeting Grace. It was one of the most memorable synchronicities of my life. Even as I write this, I am still feeling a wave of emotion come over me.  She moved me like no other human ever had. She taught me what it's all about by example. She saved my life..

     I was traveling through Arizona at the time I started experiencing an intense pain from one of my teeth. I suppose my sugar intake was a little out of line, guilty as charged. It must have led to a cavity over time, resulting in what later turned out to be an infection. Abscess tooth they call it. Well, I tried every remedy I could think of to stop this train of pain from pulling out of the station but it had a schedule of it's own. Every day it got a little better, and a lot worse.  I found after a few weeks it became very difficult to continue traveling. By the time we entered San Diego, talking to people and driving became a task. 

     One night I was navigating to a place to park for the night and get some rest. I was desperate to mask the pain I was experiencing as well so I searched for the closest place to sacrifice my holistic beliefs and seek remedy. That place happened to be Wal-Mart. (Currently applying for a grant from them wish us luck!  haha) I will be honest, I was not a fan of their establishment for multiple reasons. I had seen some documentaries about the way in which they establish those great prices. The cost for the lower cost didn't vibe with me. But you know, I was desperate, and they had tooth numbing agents. What an ego and heart hit. I ended up falling asleep in their parking lot.

     The next day, I ran into the store to make a return on a phone I thought was broken. I might have spilt some water on it the night before, no I really did, but it wasn't working, and it was my main guide throughout my travels.  The night I attempted the bag-0-rice remedy. It apparently did not work. What was I to do? Sorry Wal-Mart, yeah I attempted to return something that I broke. A sad fact but you know what, I was taking the karma for that one. 

     You know that feeling like you got to go, but it's just not the right time? Thats what timed my meeting with Grace ever so perfectly. I approached a department manager and showed him the phone, which for some holy reason decided to come back from the dead. As we parted ways I turned around and there she was. She could have been my grandmother. Her energy drew my attention like the moon drew in the tides. 

"You remind me of my grandson" she said.

"Does your grandson have a tooth pain" I asked

"No, do you" she questioned

     At that point the pain resurfaced and all I could do is nod my head up and down to answer her question. She immediately took action. She is the reason I am here to tell the story. The infection was deadly, spreading to my brain I was told. I won't tell you how much money she spent on a perfect stranger in need, to my knowledge that she didn't have, but I will say that she went above and beyond. 

      Grace taught me that help comes in many forms and knows no limits. It is something that can come when least expected, from even the most unexpected places. She inspired me to pay it forward in a way that resonated with my journey most. 

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