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The summer I spent with the Grateful for Grace Caravan provided a space for me to live an ideal and simplistic life revolving around community and service, where personal growth and a sense of belonging was an inevitable byproduct.  Grateful for Grace literally and figuratively provided the vehicle for this lifestyle.

One way in which G4G changed my worldview specifically was to provide contact with real people in different locations around the United States, giving faces and names to members of my national community at large.  The experience of traveling with G4G also deepened my sense of commitment to my local community in Indiana, where I am involved in the slow but necessary process of local actions.  I am grounded in a sense of community and adhesion, working toward changes in policies and leadership where I have a stronger voice and more leverage.

Lastly, I was reminded of my own limitations and strengths as a sentient being interacting with other sentient beings.  This is something that is always important to be aware of and hold present, as we humbly look at the mirrors around us and come to have love and compassion for all aspects of ourselves.

Much gratitude and love to you for the opportunity to be a Revivalist!

-Jessica "Gira" Rossiter 

Before Grateful 4 Grace, I don't think I really understood what family was. We came together not knowing each other at all and I personally had trouble connecting to those around me in my home town in Illinois. This team, this family came together to make the dream happen to a more sustainable future in each place we found ourselves, while truly connecting to one another and forming life long bonds and having adventures around every corner. I went through a transformation with grateful 4 grace.. one of love. I have never felt so much bliss and love in my life.. I finally felt 100℅ accepted and the encouragement to change what I felt was not serving me. My only warning with grateful 4 grace is you will come out turned upside down. The world will never be the same through your eyes again.. I love my family and I miss them everyday, but as I continue my journey, I know we will cross paths again, seeking service for Spirit and each other ! XOXO

-Dana Leska 
There's not a day that I don't think about you guys or some part of the time I spent on the bus with all of you. Grateful 4 Grace did so much more for me than I could have ever imagined, so thank you Kik, and Carlos, and all the others that encouraged me to take a leap of faith that day at Mississippi Stand when I decided to get on the bus. That day truly set me into the direction I'm heading now and I could not be more thankful. You all taught me what it meant to truly love others unconditionally and to be accepting and respecting of all living beings everywhere and that's something I will carry with me the rest of this life. The experience I had forced me out of my comfort zone in every way but it helped me to discover a whole new part of myself that I had been struggling to find on my own. A part of myself that I didn't know was there, but I longed for it, and every person on that bus saw this in me and helped to shine their beautiful lights onto me so that I could find my own. You all are some of the most magical souls I've ever met and you inspire me to continue growing and continue loving every single day. I miss and love you all and I know someday our paths will cross again. Keep on shining, you beautiful light beings!

-Whitney Lynn 

My tour with “Grateful 4 Grace” was nothing short than life-changing. I grew in more ways than I can count and continue to grow all from taking that first step and applying for my spot on the G4G Bus. I had no clue that there were so many beautiful and like-minded individuals in the world until I attended the tour. The tour gave me the opportunity to plant my seeds and to grow, not only for myself but for others as well. During the two months I was there, I overcame my social anxiety, learned an abundance of information about taking care of both myself and the earth and best of all, I got to explore and express who I really was, with no judgement. All I can say, is to take that first step. At first I was nervous and contemplated even going, I thank God every day that I did because I have truly transformed for the better and I’m so eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to been a part of the “Grateful 4 Grace” tour. Hugs & Happiness.

-Britney Tollefson

Grateful for Grace brought their caravan of helpers, hard workers, great thinkers and visionaries to our farm in Richfield Ohio. We had little idea of what to expect, but very high hopes. We are a self sustaining farm, a homesteading school and an open-air 19th century museum, so there is always much to be done. We are not affiliated with any large organization, and this is funded solely from the profit we make from our farm. So help is always appreciated. Grateful for Grace exceeded our expectations greatly and always. As a farm/community, deeply understand the vision that they have and see the need in our country for these types of organizations. It is a networking with other local communities, like-minded people and helped us to further our vision in general. While they were here, we improved several gardens, built and raised several buildings, improved many farm areas and much more. We also were able to pass on many of our skills to the caravan, such as fiber arts, soap making, cheese making and more.  Grateful for Grace can now hopefully pass these skills on to other community efforts.  Many farms and communities from their help and certainly taken on quite an amazing and rewarding journey. We have nothing but good memories of their visit and hope to work with them again in the future.

-Laura Fry 


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